4 Brain Supplements for Studying and Big Presentations

People now understand and appreciate the importance of brain health in our lives. Brain supplements can help promote a healthy brain function and long-term cognitive health.

That is because they can improve brain functioning for longer periods of time, thus enhance the ability to study or work on big presentations when needed.

These best brain supplements can help improve your focus, concentration and memory which will consequently result in better results.

Before discussing brain supplements, it is important to note that they will not be the cause to breaking new exam records or producing revolutionary ideas in the workplace. They can improve your cognitive skills and studying habits, but not replace them.

With that in mind, they can always help with better remembering information, approaching new methods, and working for longer periods of time at optimum performance levels.

The goal of a brain supplement is to promote healthy brain function, improve attention and memory. To improve the physical health of the brain, a brain supplement would need to contain some repairing or strengthening ingredients like amino acids.

In this article, we will cover our 4 best brain supplements that can both improve both short- and long- term performance while studying or working on important projects like presentations at work.

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4 Natural Best Brain Supplements For Studying And Office Work

1. Caffeine + L-theanine for Improved Focus

Many of us are already familiar with the intake of caffeine while studying to improve focus. However, caffeine may sometimes cause anxiety, especially on an important day like an exam or a big presentation at work. That’s how L-theanine can actually help.

The health benefits of L-theanine include the promotion of relaxation without causing sleepiness and when consumed with caffeine it can promote attention and focus without the undesirable side effects of caffeine.

L-Theanine best brain supplement

Especially on an exam day or a big project and when anxiety is high, L-theanine is great in keeping you calm and focused.

2. Bacopa monnieri for Improved Memory

Bacopa monnieri can improve memory after prolonged usage, for example after a month or two of consistent supplementation. Even though you don’t feel any different straight away after taking the supplement, you become healthier long term.

Bacopa Monniery best brain supplement

This may not have the instantaneous effects of caffeine, but it has the key benefit of sustainability. Supplementation with Bacopa monnieri can help you sustain improved memory over a long period which is quite advantageous when studying or working on important projects for months (or even years).

3. L-tyrosine for Improved Stress Response

L-tyrosine can improve cognitive performance under stressful situations. This makes L-Tyrosine ideal for exam circumstances or big presentations when stress levels are high. As with any best brain supplement, we wouldn’t advise trying it for the first time on your exam or presentation day, but you first use it on days with similar stress.

For people that become anxious during important days, L-tyrosine’s health benefits can be useful in improving your cognitive response under stressful conditions.

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4. Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCAR) for Improved Processing Speed

ALCAR is an amino acid that protects the brain from free radical damage. Among the many mental benefits of Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCAR), it can improve focus, mood, memory and information processing; all related to brain functions such as creativity and learning.

Boosting the overall productivity of the brain can give you the mental edge to keep your brain sharp and deliver results at optimum levels.

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Fused Reaction Brain Supplement

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