6 Tips To Become More Persuasive Without Much Preparation

How many times have you reflected on your speech or big presentation and recognised appropriate words and phrases that passed your message across? I am sure quite a few times since it has some kind of pride attached to it.

I am sure you have thought about this over and over again and told yourself that next time you will prepare similar ways for persuading people. However, a relevant discussion may happen all of a sudden, thus, failing to impress and getting people your way.

When you know that you will soon be presenting to a big audience, you will most certainly prepare a polished speech, make notes and use really specific and contextual words. However, you may also talk to people and try to convince them during conference break-outs, business breakfasts, and even parties. In other words, if you wish to get your point of view across to others, you would need to influence anytime and anywhere.

“A degree is an asset, but it doesn't mean anything by itself. It's just another asset. So is being persuasive, having good personality, being smart.”
Irvin Mayfield

6 Tips to Become More Persuasive Without Much Preparation

Ideally, it would be easy for everyone to learn and further develop on the below suggestions. The reason is that communication skills are still skills – meaning you can improve on them.

Let’s see 6 tips to help you become more convincing without putting too much effort in preparing beforehand:

1. Focus On Using Persuasive Words

This is probably easier than you think. In essence, there are specific words that you should and should not be using during a discussion.

Research and leading marketers suggest that one of the most influential words is “You”. People want to hear about themselves. This consequently results in paying focused attention when hearing this word and start listening to your arguments more carefully. Note though that you would want to avoid excessive use as if abused it may backfire.

Also keep using short sentences to get your message across, be simple and use well-known words. Provide an honest argument while avoiding using phrases like “I assume”, “I guess”, “I believe”, etc.

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2. Repeat Your Argument

Illustrate your argument and see how it lands. Then repeat it; if still not there, say it once again in a different way.

By illustrating our idea two or three times, the listener can better understand the full concept. These new perspectives of the same truth allow the mind to follow a simple structure where it can agree to the highlighted argument rather than over thinking about it.

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3. Try A Personal Touch

If you know something personal (not too personal or intimate though), like a hobby or favourite place, use it. Mention and structure you ideas in relevancy to your audience needs, likes and emotions.

Don’t be afraid to share your own related experiences. You will soon realise that other people may have gone through the same in the past.

Be conversational, interactive and engaging. Ask your audience questions and involve them in your train of thought. This will make them feel that your ideas are theirs as well and in turn, become persuaded without even realising it.

4. Use Your Body Language

Using specific body movements and actions can prove to be both an important asset and a potential enemy. If you don’t put enough focus on your body language when making arguments, it will impact your delivery in an undesirable way and may negate your efforts. If used in harmony with your speech though, the results will prove incredibly impactful.

become persuasive

Make sure to keep you posture right when talking to others or making presentations. Just don’t overdo it as it may seem like a pretentious move and the audience may become reluctant to your ideas.

Try to follow your natural behaviour without acting completed different or forced. At the same time, focus on avoiding motions like touching your hair, biting your nails, scratching your head etc. They will all make your audience think that you are stressed out.

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5. Adjust The Volume Of Your Voice

If the voice of the person you are speaking to is soft, there is no reason to be loud. In the same way, if they have a loud voice, try and adjust yours to match their style.

Adjusting the volume, and speed if you like, of your voice with that of your audience will help you gain their trust and improve your mutual compatibility. Being compatible with others will make it easier to convince them of your ideas.

6. Employ Authority Resources

People trust arguments made by scientists, top leaders and other influential people of the society. Try to employ information from authority sources when presenting your idea.

Present your opinion using arguments, data and doctrines supported by an expert in your field, a proven research, a popular book etc. Channelling the voice of the community through your words can become a powerful tool you can use to effectively share your thoughts.

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Takeaway Message

To recap, these are the 6 tips to become more persuasive without much preparation:

  1. Use persuasive words
  2. Repeat your argument
  3. Use a personal touch
  4. Use your body language
  5. Adjust the volume of your voice
  6. Use authority resources

I am sure everyone understands that becoming an excellent speaker is not achieved overnight. However, if you want to astonish your audience, you would need to focus on putting these tips into practice.

As a final note, you need to pay extra attention in making these habits as part of your behaviour. So, ensure that you regularly refresh these in your memory and use them meticulously. You will soon come to realise that you have excelled in persuading others without much preparation.

Did you like the above tips? Let us know of what makes you more persuasive by commenting below.

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