7 Tips To Get Rid Of Social Anxiety And Reveal Your True Self

There are many people that at some point in their lives - if not whole - have experienced some kind of social anxiety. In some cases though, this behaviour may be overlooked or even considered as part of someone’s personality.

Before we see the different ways you can use to get rid of social anxiety, let’s first understand what the symptoms are.

  • Feeling more comfortable and relaxed when all alone.
  • Feeling physically or mentally drained after hanging out with a group of people.
  • Overthinking and stressing about how to act when around others.
  • Fear of saying or doing unfitting things when discussing with others.
  • Avoiding to be the centre of attention at all costs.
  • Having feelings of insecurity.
  • Demonstrating physical signs of stress and anxiety.
  • Being over-conscious about one’s behaviour.
  • Altering the way one is acting when around different people in order to meet their ‘socially-approved’ preferences.

If the above are elements that you can easily relate to, you will want to continue reading.

7 tips to eliminate Social Anxiety and unleash your True Self

Relieving social anxiety may not necessarily mean that you will be the most popular or coolest person everyone wants to hang out with. It means however, that you will be able to increase your confidence levels, deal with your fears and find the strength to succeed at both a personal and professional level.

Time To Make It Stop

stop anxiety

Research suggests that talking to a professional is the best solution. Even though this is somewhat true, you can always try different methods on your own which will first help you understand more about the situation and then deal with it (R).

Experiencing social anxiety may become a serious issue in one’s life. It may even come to the point where someone runs and hides whenever a new person comes nearby trying to make verbal contact.

In all honesty, it may be a long way before becoming self-confident and getting rid of everything that hold you back. As with any difficult journey in life though, it is certain that you will learn a few important lessons along the way.

“Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal”
– Albert Camus

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1. Try to identify and understand the reasons of your anxiety when around other people

The causes behind social anxiety may be different amongst individuals who may suffer from it. The first step is to identify what is causing it (R).

Common signs of anxiety may include:

  • Feeling unattractive or physically insecure.
  • Feeling afraid that people may not like you.
  • Feeling that you have to pretend a more acceptable by others behaviour, like smiling or talking more.
  • Feeling your aesthetic style doesn’t match your personality.
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2. Remember to work things out in your head first

signs of anxietyIn most cases, reality is far different from what we think about ourselves or behaviour. Proper focus on your goals and current surroundings is essential.

It will help you understand the power of your mind and get you closer to a more accurate reflection of the things arounds you.

3. Realize that there will always be imperfection

There is no need to worry about being or acting perfect all the time. Mentally letting go of physical appearance or behavioural flaws will help you break through the wall of ‘negative’ self-awareness.

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4. Match your mind with your actions

It’s important to remember that you have no responsibility of saying or doing anything in order to help others have a good time. You are free to be yourself and act as you feel right.

To be more specific though, I don’t refer to doing things that may mentally or physically harm you or someone else. Matching your personality with the way you behave will help you to further improve yourself as an individual without feeling all stressed out.

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5. Focus on appearing confident

anxiety disorderMove and act freely - without feeling pressured in any way.

What this means is that you can gradually eliminate bad habits you don't want to have, like biting your nails or cracking your fingers.

6. Don’t forget to breath

When you feel you are losing control, trust your human senses. Make sure to take deep breaths and find a calm place. This may sound easier than it sounds but small progress is still progress.

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7. Understand that feeling emotionally drained may be because you hang out with the wrong people

There are cases where feeling uncomfortable may not be because of social anxiety. It may easily be due to the fact that other people can unintentionally drain your energy.

Try to understand how you feel when hanging out with certain people. Do you feel more motivated? Do you feel your energy levels have gone down?

You will soon realise that what you feel it’s not the same when with everyone. Remember to always reflect on your feelings, search for causes and explanations while carefully observing the given situation. Recommended: 
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Take Away Message

Don't allow social anxiety become the master of your future. The way we think and act on a daily basis depends on us - it relies on our sheer determination to evolve and change for the better.

Follow the above tips to become the social and positive person you always dreamed of. It may be a slow process - it may even feel totally strange at the beginning. No matter the difficulty level or time it takes, make the commitment and effort necessary to achieve it.

To recap, these are the 7 ways you can eliminate social anxiety from your life:

  1. Try to understand and pinpoint the reasons of your anxiety when around other people
  2. Remember to work things out in your head first
  3. Realize that there will always be imperfection
  4. Match your mind with your actions
  5. Focus on appearing confident
  6. Don’t forget to breath
  7. Understand that feeling emotionally drained may be because you hang out with the wrong people

Do you experience symptoms of social anxiety? How do you deal with them? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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