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4 Easy Ways To Make A Good Impression

4 Easy Ways To Make A Good Impression

We all want to meet people that matter to us and make a great impression; this is actually something that successful people aspire to.

It is difficult to find someone who has gone far ahead with his/her personal or professional life without being able to make himself/herself memorable or impress the ones around.

In specific, successful people have an insatiable enthusiasm for making arguments that will place them at the center of a conversation.

It is almost like an uncontrollable desire to talk and reflect on things that people will remember and use to shape their and others’ opinions.

Let’s see 4 easy ways that everyone can apply to make a good impression:

4 Easy Ways To Make A Good Impression

1. Network as much as possible

Most top achievers are impressively ‘networked’. 

This means that they influence relationships as soon as they meet a new person which will then lead to meeting others and so on. Consider of it as a series of successfully selected dominos that are ready to ‘fall’ and lead to achievement.

Networking building should be a very important aspect to every ones’ lives.

Every new or potential connection should be dealt with care, meaning take your time to cultivate the relationship. That relationship may lead to constituting an important building block to your success (or vice versa) in the future.

Consider taking all the opportunities on meeting new people whatever their background, knowledge or interest.

It may eventually come to the fact that you are the one who is hanging out with a prestigious CEO.

2. Be physically recognizable

Many celebrities or performers nowadays have their own unique style or personal brand if you will.

They tend to follow a certain lifestyle or even attitude that will make them recognizable or identifiable - something that people can relate to when they are thinking of that individual or lifestyle.

Consider picking a lifestyle that suits your character and personality, but remember that it has to come natural and not forced.

You want to look naturally cool; otherwise, the whole image may look strange and awkward to those around you. 

3. Focus on communication, the most critical act

Communication, the troublesome (for some) concept that can both make and break the strongest relationships; among colleagues, friends, family.

It seems so easy and someone would expect that is should come naturally, yet for many this is a difficult task to perfect.

But how can someone communicate in an authentic and memorable way?

Easy to answer, difficult to perfect. First of all, note down some details about that new person. You can always bring them up during a future conversation, which will then show that you ‘somehow’ remembered; no need for them to know how.

Showing interest in what someone says while being an effective listener is always something that can be valued and remembered.

How did you feel when someone was being sympathetic to your personal problems?

Showing humility as a listener will certainly guarantee you a place in someone’s memory. Interest and listening are nothing when not accompanied by humility.

How would you feel if you shared a personal issue which then became the subject of laughter and mockery?

Finally, get them to participate in an event they may need or are interested in. That will not only make them happy but will also strengthen the relationship between you.

4. Become the connecting link

Don’t only be a passive receiver of new connections but also try to actively connect individuals.

Think about your current contacts and identify whether they will be benefited by meeting someone you already know. If you manage to that, you will not be forgotten.

Consider this as an example, would you ever forget someone that introduced you to your future employer, an aspiring artist or even the love of your life? Something to reflect on.

Communicating with and meeting the right individuals is not only about achieving a goal or personal gain, this is a selfless act that you should aspire for as a person.

It is a self-development opportunity that will grant you with happiness, the feeling of engagement, appreciation and achievement.

Take the first step now. Make some memories and be remembered.

“What makes things memorable is that they are meaningful, significant, colourful.”
- Joshua Foer


To recap, here is the list of 4 easy ways to make great impressions:

  1. Network as much as possible
  2. Be physically recognizable
  3. Focus on communication, the most critical act
  4. Become the connecting link

How do you make a great impression? Tell us how by leaving a comment below.

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