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101 Healthy Lifestyle Tips To Become A Happier Person [Ultimate Guide]

101 Healthy Lifestyle Tips To Become A Happier Person [Ultimate Guide]

Have you ever wondered which healthy lifestyle tips can improve your life quality and overall happiness? The answer may actually hide in more life aspects than we think.

A healthy lifestyle has become an important objective for many people that want to achieve their personal and career goals, build meaningful relationships and find purpose in life.

In fact, research suggests that 43% of Americans struggle to live healthier due to the fact that they follow a modern lifestyle. At the same time, 8% suggests that staying healthy requires many sacrifices (source: Mintel - Healthy Lifestyles US 2015).

The key to adopting a healthy lifestyle both at a personal and professional level is intentionally and continuously experiencing what life has to offer while keeping it fun (see #78 for a perfect example). If you don’t have the intention and self-rewarding benefits in mind, you are most likely to miss out on a pool of vibrant feelings. So make your habits fun and stimulating, try new ideas and recognise what works best for you.

Below is a list of 101 practical healthy lifestyle tips you can adopt straight away independently of what your past ways or daily behaviours may have been.

Whether you are seriously into healthy nutrition or simply enjoying life in a productive way, there’s bound to be a few ideas here that you can add to - or oven combine with - your daily routine.

Explore by Category: Click on any of the sections below to go directly to that category.

Nutrition and General Health
Fitness and Physical Activity
Mental Health and Personal Growth
Productivity and Motivation
Work-Life Balance
Social and Fun Activities
Friends and Family

Nutrition and General Health - Healthy Lifestyle

1. Stay hydrated with plenty of fluids

Water is the source of life and a very important reason as to why we need to drink between 6 to 8 glasses per day. As long as it’s not alcohol which has the ability to dehydrate, all fluids should count; with water being the healthiest option.

You may want to avoid drinking water after 10pm unless you want to wake up during the night and pay a visit to the loo; sometimes you may not even wake up - I hope this doesn’t relate to anyone :-).

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2. Eat more fish

Fish is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and protein. Two meals including oily fish per week will contain omega-3 fat acids which in turn can improve your brain function and reduce the risk of a heart disease.

If you are unfamiliar with what fish you should go for, try salmon, mackerel, trout, fresh tuna, sardines and skate, among many others. There is a ton of cooking recipe websites out there that can help you create a tasteful dish that you will love (also see #3). 

3. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables

healthy eating

What would a healthy dish be without vegetables or fruits (I will leave the answer to you…)? Even though health practitioners suggest the seemingly difficult task of eating five portions of fruit and veg per day, it may be easier than it sounds.

Simply add a chopped banana or few strawberries over your breakfast cereal, replace you mid-day snack with a different fruit or even add a side salad to your meals of the day. Different options to choose from but just go with what feels right and tasty for you.

To get you started, check out three of our most favourable vegetarian and vegan  choices:

  1. Naturally EllaA whole foods and vegetarian recipe blog that has hundreds of seasonal recipes brought to you by Erin Anderson.
  2. 101 CookBooks: A food blog focused on healthy recipes for everyday. It features over 700 vegetarian recipes, whole foods recipes, and vegan recipes.
  3. Spouted Kitchen: A food blog by Sara Forte, a food-loving, wellness-craving veggie enthusiast.

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4. Have a big breakfast

Breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day. I know what you might say - that if I skip breakfast, it will help me lose weight. Well, research suggests that people who regularly eat breakfast have a better metabolic rate, thus are less likely to become overweight (R).

In addition, research has shown that a good breakfast can have great benefits in improving mental performance and concentration levels throughout the morning, in both children and adults (R).

5. Enjoy regular meals in controlled portions

Try and divide your one or two big meals to between four and five smaller ones – remember, a snack (e.g. fruit) is also considered a meal.

This way you will not only be able to digest food quicker and improve your metabolism but also avoid feeling sleepy and tired due to overeating. 

6. Reduce saturated fat and sugar intake

The truth is that fat should be part of a balanced diet. However, eating too much saturated instead of unsaturated fat may lead to the increase of cholesterol in the blood as well as significantly contribute to weight gain (R).

Try avoid saturated fat which are found in hard cheese, cakes, biscuits, cream and butter and replace them with unsaturated ones (which are actually healthy for you) contained in vegetable oil, avocados and oily fish.

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7. Follow a balanced diet

A balanced nutrition plan including various types of healthy food will have a great benefit to how you feel and act on a daily basis.

This suggestion essentially combines all the above in a natural way. In other words, introduce your diet to plenty of fluids, fruits and vegetables, unsaturated oils, dairy and starchy foods like potatoes, bread and rice.

If you want to go the extra mile, you may also want to consider organic/natural dietary and brain health supplements – but only as an addition to a healthy diet rather than a replacement.

An excellent interactive infographic demonstrating how a balanced nutrition plan looks like can be found on NHS’ website.

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8. Maintain a healthy body weight

healthy eating tipsNow, I am sure that if you have already adopted the above tips, you will also have a healthy body weight. Nevertheless, it is important to note that excess weight increases the risk of diabetes, heart diseases and even cancer, among many others; a key fact to consider when visiting the scale.

Although, before you make any premature personal judgements, take into account that the right weight may be different for each of us as it depends on different elements like age, gender and height.

9. Reduce the consumption of alcohol

What? One or two glasses of wine every now and then is good for you (R)? Well this may actually be true but what we are referring to is excessive alcohol consumption on a regular basis.

Try and cut down the number of drinks you have on a weekly basis: 14 of units per week is considered as ‘low-risk’ drinking (R).

10. Avoid overprocessed foods

In companion with #6, try avoiding foods with preservatives or chemical additives (like food dyes), sugary beverages (e.g. sodas and juices) and artificial sweeteners.

11. Limit the amount of coffee you drink per day

Ideally, you will want to drink 2 to 3 cups per day; well, three if you are a serious coffee lover - I know I am one.

Even though caffeine has some health benefits, drinking more than that can result in increasing jitters, mentally crashing three hours after the last cup and even disturbed sleep patterns overnight (especially, if that last coffee you had was after 2pm). Alternatively, replace mid- and late-day coffees with green tea.

12. Get enough sleep

healthy lifestyle tips sleeping

A full night’s sleep consisting of 8 to 10 hours can do wonders to your mood, mental clarity and energy levels the next day.

You will be more willing and have more energy to take tasks on without being moody or feeling tired all day long.

13. Go where the sunshine is

Get some sunlight on your skin (just don’t burn yourself) whenever possible and you will experience positive results in your overall mood levels and mental health.

The reason? Sunlight is a great source of vitamin D and has been proved to increase serotonin levels in our brain while protecting us from a seasonal affective disorder, or also known as SAD. (source: Mayo Clinic – Seasonal Affective Disorder)

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14. Quit smoking

No need to express the importance of this; everyone should aspire to a smoking-free lifestyle.

If it happens that you are a smoker and have unsuccessfully tried to quit, you may also want to consider alternatives like e-cigarette, nicotine patches, or even support groups.

15. Avoid drugs and other harmful substances

Make sure to stay away from drugs or other addictive non-prescribed substances like adrafinil or modafinil (also known as Eugeroics).

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Fitness and Physical Activity - Healthy Lifestyle

16. Hit the gym on a regular basis

Sign up straight away, dedicate some time from your day and try to go 3 to 5 times per week for a minimum of 40 minutes sessions.

Lifting weights, using the machines or even going to fitness classes will not only make you look good but also improve your energy, power and mood levels.

And what about my health? Well, it can certainly strengthen our immune system and overall health against minor and more serious diseases - from protecting against the common cold to reducing the risk of a heart stroke or type 2 diabetes (R).

If you are just starting, go slow; no need to go all out from the beginning as you may do more harm than good. To help you get started, check out these articles:

17. Become a runner

Start jogging on a regular basis. You can always make it fun by selecting routes with a beautiful view using apps like MapMyRun, Strava and RunKeeper.

If you want to raise money for a charity or local community event, participate in a 5K run and ask for the support of your friends and colleagues.

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18. Pick up a sport

Find a sport you like and stick to it. A team player or not, you can always try football, basketball, volleyball, karate and jiu-jitsu among many others. The range of options here is vast.

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19. Go to a spin class

This may be a new one for you as it was for me up until a few weeks ago. A spin class is a high intensity cycling workout using a stationary machine that is identical to a bicycle and requires medium to high force pedalling.

Why not try it out?

If still unsure of what this can do for you, check out this article on the health benefits of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

20. Exercise at home

Isn't there a gym or sports centre nearby? That’s not really an excuse and you know it. Put some music on, choose a good workout and start exercising at home.

Fitness Blender and PopSugar Fitness are only a couple of excellent video workout resources you can find online.

21. Start swimming

Is there a pool or beach you can easily get to? If so, put your swim suit on and start swimming - the beach may be a better option as you also get to do #13 on the list.

Why? Swimming can deliver a wide range of health benefits from improving endurance levels and maintaining a healthy heart to toning muscles and building strength (R).

22. Have a session in the sauna or steam room

Sweating is a great therapy that can produce feelings of relaxation and stress relief.

A 10 to 20 minutes session in the sauna or steam room can improve your cardiovascular health, reduce your stress levels and blood pressure as well as help reduce asthma attacks (R).

23. Take the stairs

Take The Stairs

Image by Ludovic Bertron via Flickr’s Creative Commons License

Try to always choose the stairs over the elevator, the lazy way up. Now, you may ask, what happens if my destination is 10 floors away?

Well, I don’t blame you, I would probably go for the latter option as well. If you haven’t had any physical exercise in days though and still have time to spare, why not give it a go?

24. Walk everywhere

You may sit while at the office or on the sofa all day so why not get to where you want to go on foot?

Research suggests that walking can improve mood levels and significantly reduce stress levels (R).

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25. Cycle to work

An excellent way to get to work is by bicycle. If there is an acceptable distance between your house and workplace, leave the car at home and replace it with cycling.

You not only protect the environment by reducing car emissions but also improve your overall health and fitness levels.

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Mental Health and Personal Growth - Healthy Lifestyle

26. Practice meditation

Meditation has been considered as an important therapeutic activity since ancient times across multiple cultures. With evidence that only supports the argument, meditation can make you healthier and happier.

Research suggests that it can deliver mental health benefits such as improved attention, memory, processing speed, creativity and even fighting against age-related loss of brain volume, among many others (R).

27. Learn how to deal with stress

Now, this is easier than done, right? With so many responsibilities to take care of at work and home, stress and anxiety are most likely to emerge and sometimes remain there. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can lead a stress-free life and you are probably wondering how. Well, the answer includes mediation, reading, getting help and many other ideas mentioned in this article.

But the simple answer to this, is to find what works best for you. We are all different when it comes to dealing with stress, so try a few tips out, see which ones help you the most and include them in your daily routine and way of viewing the world.

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28. Practise yoga

healthy living

Yoga is a combination of meditation, breathing exercises, stretching, and physical exercise.

Go to a yoga class or even practise at home for 15 to 20 minutes a day and you will soon see its benefits to your mental output.

29. Read books and educational material daily

According to Blinkist Magazine, the average CEO reads 60 books a year. But you don’t have to run a company or business to do that.

The importance of this fact is that successful people (at both a professional and personal level) read daily in order to grow as individuals, get a more informed perspective about the world, expand their brain capacity and knowledge, and eventually, make an impact.

Devote some time from your day to reading books, newspapers or any other educational material that you find interesting and will in turn stimulate you mentally.

One of our favourite reading lists is that of Tai Lopez, an investor, entrepreneur and mentor who created the 67 Steps Program to a life of health, wealth, love and happiness. You can view the full list here.

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30. Participate in seminars

Search for and attend seminars (or workshops) led by experts in a field you are interested in or want to further improve in.

You will get the opportunity to communicate your opinions, retrieve constructive feedback, network with experts in the field and even get that motivational push you need to pursue your dreams.

31. Attend conferences or personal development courses

Conferences and personal development courses are an excellent source of insightful information in addition to hearing about successful business cases or personal stories.

I know they may be a bit expensive sometimes but they are definitely worth it and you will get tons of value out of them.

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32. Ask for help when you need it

We are often faced with personal or professional challenges in life. In some cases, our ego and pride hide the fact that we are in mental discomfort, making things even more difficult.

You will be surprised as to how many people are more than willing to help you since they may have been in a similar situation in the past.

Quoting Les Brown, “Ask for help. Not because you are weak. But because you want to remain strong.”

33. Be mentored and mentor others

Find the right mentor(s) to help you along the journey. Regardless of whether you are a professional, student or currently unemployed, mentors can guide you through the right steps to take.

A mentor is someone that has more experience and knowledge on a specific area of business or life than you, and is willing to share that knowledge. This is a never ending process (e.g. being mentored) as there are so many areas that we can improve on.

Of course, you can always give back by mentoring others and let them learn from your mistakes.

34. Choose the hard way

Avoid always choosing the easy way out when challenged with the completion of tasks. Sometimes, the only way around is through.

If you are faced with the option of learning a new software or running an event at work for example, avoid passing that onto someone else. Choose the hard way by becoming the expert; you will not only get the stimulating experience but also have something to be proud of and feel nice about.

35. Regularly change your routine

Do you feel that you have been doing the same things day in and day out? Why not mix them up?

Try changing the order of your daily activities, introduce something new or even combine existing ones to help you get rid of that feeling of monotony.

36. Reflect on your actions

healthy habitsSpend some time from your day reflecting on your life and career. Ask questions like what did I do well, what did I falter, what could have I improved, what did I learn, did I achieve everything I set out to. 

By self-reflecting, you look inwards, helping you build your emotional intelligence, act with integrity and become more confident on a daily basis.

37. Let the past go

Let’s be honest: we all dwell on the past every now and then. That’s absolutely fine - we are human beings after all.

Sometimes however clinging to the past affects our future as we begin an unhealthy internal battle with blockers that hold us back. So, try to only think of the positive past events without allowing them to negatively affect your future.

38. Perform brain exercises

Engage with activities that stimulate your brain functions and cognitive performance.

Brain exercises can help us maintain a strong and sharp mind as we get older, improve our memory and learning abilities as well as reduce stress levels, among others.

Check out this article on Cognitive Exercises To Improve Your Brain Performance And Keep Your Mind Sharp for a full list of different exercises you can easily perform.

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39. Learn from your mistakes

The truth is that no one is perfect. All the more reason to learn from our mistakes. A quite difficult task to achieve (jeez, I‘m quite bad at it myself) but reflecting on and learning from past experiences will only help you avoid similar errors in the future.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t get it right straight away as long as you eventually avoid doing the same mistake over and over again.

40. Travel with every opportunity you get

how to be healthy

Is there a long weekend coming up? Grab the opportunity and visit a place you haven’t been before.

It can simply be a long drive or even better, a different country. You will get to meet new people, experience new places, different cultures and cuisines, as well as learn more about geography and history.

41. Take a step back and unwind

We are sometimes overwhelmed by how fast things move around us. Our brain and body may not be able to continuously copy at a satisfactory level.

If you feel stressed or pressured, take some time to chill and unwind. By simply “being”, the answers to the issues that trouble you will soon appear without strenuous effort.

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42. Do charity work

Now, before you judge me and be like ‘why is this part of a healthy lifestyle’ consider this: Your main priority and the only reason for performing this action should indeed be helping others.

However, doing charity work will also have a positive personal side effect.

You will grow as a person and get a self-rewarding feeling because you were (one of) the reason(s) someone got to eat today, sleep in a warm place or simply smile.

43. Keep a journal

Write down your thoughts, ideas and evaluation of experiences in the form of a journal.

Journaling daily will reduce stress and anxiety levels by decreasing the scatter in your life. A great way to improve your self-awareness and reflection of life, which will in turn result in becoming a better and happier person (also see #36).

44. Perform a random selfless act

Act in kindness whenever you get a chance. Help someone with her bags on the bus, buy a coffee for a colleague without asking, or even help your neighbour’s kid with his homework if you see a struggle.

Small acts of kindnesses will put a smile on someone’s face and at the same time give you that feeling of enjoyment.

45. Take on a challenge

Stimulate your brain and grow as a person by taking challenges at work and personal life.

Volunteer yourself for a big project at work (that you are currently unfamiliar with) or take on responsibilities to act as a local community rep.

Anything that can be deemed as a challenge will help you reach a new level of potential.

46. Accept events in a stoic manner

health for lifeIn his book The Daily Stoic, Ryan Holiday shows the importance of stoicism in life. In specific, he mentions that mental clarity and consequently, happiness can be achieved via wisdom, self-control and a healthy perception of life as it unfolds.

In simple terms, focus on accepting events without complaining, or at least try to transform them to the energy and strength you need for the future.

If you want to know more about stoic philosophy (I would highly advise you to) check out the Daily Stoic website.

47. Avoid comparing yourself with others

Benchmarking yourself against other people’s lives and success stories will only affect you in a negative way.

Don't get me wrong - I’m not saying to avoid applying other people’s success stories as a guide.

I’m only referring to the fact that there is no reason to be jealous of what other people have achieved. It will only lead to living in their shadows and following a destructive for your mental health path.

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Productivity and Motivation - Healthy Lifestyle

48. Write down the tasks of the day

Right down the tasks of the day and work through them. The tasks can be either things you need to complete at work or chores at home.

It’s the perfect way of staying organised while making sure that you don’t forget anything.

49. Prioritise tasks

Work smarter by prioritising the tasks you need to complete.

Not every task is of equivalent weight so make sure to first work on the most important ones, even if they are more time-consuming than the others.

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50. Set daily, monthly, yearly goals

Setting daily, monthly and yearly goals is the ideal way of working towards achieving them in a productive manner. In one of his talks, Denzel Washington rightfully mentions that “goals without discipline and consistency are just dreams”.

So, make sure to explicitly set your goals and work hard towards achieving them. Upon their realisation you will gain a sense of achievement, enjoyment and pride.

51. Finish what you started

Achieve the goal you originally committed to. I know it sounds easier than done - especially, when hit by different hardships in life.

Well, the distance between start and finish is comprised of three different elements: action, discipline and perseverance. Commit to your objective and make the statement ‘No matter how hard it gets, I’m going to make it’ (a reality).

52. Save motivational quote images as your desktop background

Download a selection of motivational quotes from BrainyQuote or Goalcast and have them rotate every 10-15 minutes as your desktop background or screensaver.

The reason? It will keep you focused on achieving your goals and give you that extra ‘mental’ push you need.

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily” - Zig Ziglar

53. Hang around people that empower you

There is almost no one in life that will be happy or make their dreams a reality on their own. We all need help at some point in life (if not at all times).

Make connections with people that empower you on a constant basis as well as provide you with the confidence and mental energy you need to lead a happy and productive life. Of course, this would be a two way relationship.

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54. Watch or read about inspirational stories

Check out Goalcast or simply search online for motivational stories to read or videos to watch. Be inspired by other people’s emotional and professional success stories in life.

Believe me, you are not the only one. Other people have gone through similar (or even much worse) experiences before attaining motivation to pursue happiness.

Relate to their life struggles, learn from their guidance and insight, and acquire the encouragement you need to surface your best self.

Rick Rigsby - a former award-winning journalist and currently best-selling author - has delivered one of my personal favourite speeches, a journey full of wisdom, self-reflection and strong emotions.

55. Avoid hitting snooze on your alarm

Waking up on time is the first thing of the day we can perform without procrastinating or purposely avoiding.

So, let tomorrow be one of those days that you apply discipline and don’t hit the snooze button.

56. Start your day by making your bed

As you most probably have guessed by now, I am a big fan of motivational stories in the form of videos. So, I‘ll let this video do the talking and justify this point.

57. Learn how to say no to people

In relation to #58, saying no to people will prove to be a powerful trait. There will always be people telling you to go for coffee or drinks and even, engage in tasks that are counter-productive.

Even though hanging out with friends and family is one of our tips (see #96 for example), ensure to participate in activities that matter and don’t keep you away from an efficient day.

58. Ignore distractions

Teach yourself how to ignore distractions both at work and in personal life. There is no need for example to over-engage with social media while at home or at work.

The constant admittance to distractions will only derail you from your goals, so use those minutes or hours for educational or self-development purposes (like reading a book).

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59. Turn off your mobile phone

Turning your mobile phone off or switching it to ‘airplane’ mode has two benefits to it.

First and most important, it’s another way of ignoring distractions and staying focused on the task(s) in hand.

Second, using your phone after 9pm at night will disturb your sleep patterns due to the blue light exposure - in other words, you will have trouble sleeping at night and the quality of sleep won’t be the same (R).

60. Clear your desk

Clear the desk (or even room) you spend the most time at.

The simple act of clearing your desk can represent mind tranquillity; an easy way to help you structure your thoughts and prioritise tasks.

61. Optimise your workspace

how to stay healthy

In addition to #60, optimise your workspace with elements that will help you maintain your attention to the list you have to go through (e.g. computer, pen and paper and a cup of tea).

An important note to make here is that you would need to avoid using the same space for both ‘work’ and pleasure (for example, watching movies on the same laptop you work with). By doing so, you are prone to succumb to your comfort zone and often put aside the goals you aspire so much to achieving.

62. Quiet your mind

This tip could also be referred to as “Practise silence” or “Just be”. Practising silence daily means that we periodically withdraw from the practice of speech or engagement with activities, like watching tv, listening to the radio, etc.

That will in turn help you control the internal dialogue that is constantly taking place in your mind and provide you with a feeling of calmness and enjoyment.

If you want to know more about the benefits of this practice, try reading The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra.

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63. Act before your 'overthink'

Yes, acting before allowing your brain to think too much is the way to kill procrastination.

If you are not ‘in the best mood’ of doing something, push yourself to start doing it and you will see that the feeling of boredom will quickly fade away.

You may know of this as the 5 Second Rule as described by Mel Robbins (don’t worry, no more videos :-)), which details the fact that counting down from 5 to 1 pushes you to act before your brain gets a chance to kick in and hold you back.

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Work-Life Balance - Healthy Lifestyle

64. Work 9 till 5 (leave when you are supposed to)

You may want to succeed at a professional level; that’s absolutely fine. Spending too much time working however, may hold you back from fully enjoying your personal life with family and friends.

Let’s say you spend an extra hour on average every day at work. In 10 years time, you will have roughly worked an extra 3 full months (24-hour days) of your life for free.

So, use that time in a stress-free way that will make you feel happy.

65. Leave work at the office

In relation to #64, avoid taking work with you at home. This has two meanings to it:

One, as soon as you step out of the office, try to get rid of any work related thoughts or stress - it certainly doesn’t help you.

Two, you don’t need to work from home - replace that time with something that relaxes you instead. 

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66. Eat away from your desk

Have your lunch away from your desk while socialising with people.

67. Take a walk after lunch

Taking a short walk of 15 minutes after lunch can help with digestion and reduce blood sugar (R, R).

68. Socialise and get to know your colleagues

get healthyYes, we need to do our job right; we are kind of ethically responsible to our employer who basically pays for our bills and mortgage. At the same time however, it doesn’t mean you are forbidden to enjoy yourself.

So, get to know your colleagues, talk about their interests and make friends. You spend at least seven hours per day with the same people; get to know them and have a pleasant time.

69. Run or participate in work activities

Volunteer for running fun events at work. If there is one happening, take an active part and see the personal side of your boss and other colleagues.

70. Pursue one working-from-home day each week

Talk to your manager and pitch the idea of all the benefits working from home has. You may have a family and kids that you want to be closer to or even commute more than an hour on a daily basis.

Let them know and if accepted, make sure that you produce the same results (and maybe even more) as when at work; they will never regret their decision.

71. Check the possibility of flexible working hours

Maybe #70 is not an option due to the nature of the job. Instead, see how the possibility to go earlier/later and leave earlier/later lands.

72. Take all your holidays

Use all the allocated holidays you were given as part of your contract and do something nice.

That’s valuable time you can spend getting to know yourself or creating memories with your loved ones.

73. Listen to your tunes when possible

The workplace doesn’t need to be boring. Do you find yourself doing monotonous activities like copying-pasting in Excel? Do you feel you can think better while listening to your beats?

Put the earplugs on (just not that loud that the whole office can hear…) and listen to your favourite tracks.

74. Take short breaks regularly

Staring at a screen all day (if that’s what you do) or simply working non-stop will soon wear you out, leaving you with almost no energy after work.

Take 5-10 minute breaks every one or two hours by taking a quick walk, socialising or going for a refreshment.

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75. Change team or job role frequently

Now, before you laugh in my (virtual) face, changing jobs or even teams every now and then can be a new positive challenge for you (also see #45).

Not only you will enrich your CV/Resume and professional expertise, but also have a change of environment and meet new people from different backgrounds.

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Social and Fun Activities - Healthy Lifestyle

76. Meet new people and make connections

Aspire to meet new and interesting people of different backgrounds and outside your normal social circle.

Learn from their experiences, get to see a different perspective on life and make friends that you can count on and share memories with.

The conversations and activities you will participate in will stimulate your brain and emotions, which will in turn increase your dopamine levels (a neurotransmitter associated with feelings of joy and happiness) and expand you knowledge and learning capabilities.

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77. Laugh with every chance you get

Well, I don’t really mean laughing on your own all the time - I wouldn’t want you to look creepy in any way.

I am referring to the fact that laughter is healthy for you as it decreases stress hormones and helps with the release of endorphins, which can promote an overall sense of well-being (R).

So go out there and trigger experiences that will make you laugh.

78. Arrange or participate in a game night

Games are fun; everyone knows that. Why not arrange a game night at home or a local establishment and play a fun game?

It doesn’t have to be your favourite game. It may be something that most people haven’t played before which will make it an even more engaging and stimulating experience.

79. Watch a movie at the cinema

Movies are the embodiment of imagination, humour, action, adventure and drama (among others); all tied into a short period of time through audio and visuals.

Ride the roller coaster of emotions by watching films that you will love, remember and talk about.

80. Initiate friendly competitions

Start a friendly competition with friends, family, colleagues, or people that share your passion via online forums or boards.

There is an abundance of examples that can be employed here (even from this list - see #88 for example) but the most common ones are:

    1. The 'accountability partner' - make one phone call at the start of the day to pump each other up and one at night to mention the accomplished goals of the day and the planned ones for the next.
    2. Friendly 'contest' - knowingly compete with a colleague on who is going to do more of a specific action, e.g. make customers happy.

The friendly ‘nature’ of such competitions can trigger your motivation, excitement and willingness to succeed without hurting anyone’s feelings.

81. Visit the museum or an art gallery

how to live a healthy lifestyle

Image by Jared and Corin via Flickr’s Creative Commons License

A trip to the museum or art gallery can reward you with a balanced gratification, deeper understanding and enjoyment of authentic cultural and natural heritage.

82. Have a dinner night or cooking contest

Show off you cooking skills by inviting people over to have a pleasant and ‘tasteful’ time.

83. Check out a digital event

Stimulate your visual and auditory senses by attending an event or show comprised of digital innovations.

From optical illusions to learning more about new technological advancements, these show rooms will bring you closer to interesting novelties and the modernisation of the world.

84. Go to a concert

Attend a concert of one of your favourite bands and dance to the rhythm.

85. Explore nature

Take a walk to the park, explore the forest or go hiking up the mountain - whatever you do though, try not to get lost :-).

Being part of what nature has to offer will get you one step closer to expanding your mind and connecting with the world.

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86. Go camping

Grab food, gear and good companionship and go camping to a picturesque place.

87. Learn how to play an instrument

healthy lifestyle tip instrument

Start playing an instrument and bring joy to you and those around you.

Pick one that you were always fascinated by and introduce yourself to efficient coordination, cognitive enhancement, stress relief and self-expression (R).

88. Learn how to draw

Fancy putting your creativity and artistic skills to the test? If so, start the enjoyable and cost-effective activity of painting or drawing to produce visually pleasing outputs.

You will get the chance to improve your creativity and problem-solving skills, reduce anxiety, attract positive emotions and even increase emotional intelligence (R).

89. Go geocaching

Try a relatively new (well, at least for me) outdoor recreational activity named geocaching.

You can participate by using a GPS or mobile device to hide and seek containers, called "geocaches" at specific places marked by coordinates.

A geocache may contain a logbook which you are supposed to sign and date, in order to prove that you have found it.

90. Arrange a free local community event

Become the face of the local community and get to know all the locals by arranging a local community event.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Just invite as many people as possible, run a few fun activities and let everyone socialise and have fun.

91. Adopt and take care of a pet

What’s your favourite animal? Is it a dog, cat, turtle, bird or something else (if you want to know, I’m definitely a dog person)?

Show you love for animals by adopting and taking care of a pet. You will be constantly surrounded by strong emotions such as cheerfulness and affection for this new addition to the family.

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Friends and Family - Healthy Lifestyle

92. Make them a priority

Family and friends are there for us at our highest and lowest moments. They will share their love and affection unconditionally and the only thing they will ask of you is to be happy.

Your happiness is their happiness, and that’s what makes them family. You don’t have to be blood related with someone to be considered as their family - and of course vice versa.

So put aside your busy professional schedule and any unhealthy activities and make them a priority. Give the attention and warmth they deserve during every stage of your life and you shall receive the same.

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93. Value and appreciate your relationships

how to eat healthy

Image by Obra Shalom Campo Grande via Flickr’s Creative Commons License

I know sometimes we are caught up in dealing with imaginary hardships - imaginary because everything can be overcome - which results in being unable to truly appreciate and value the powerful connections we’ve made with others.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Wake up every morning and be thankful for the people that life has brought your way.

94. Visit regularly

‘I am busy’. ‘I don’t have time’. ‘Maybe next week’. These are only a few of the excuses we may make when thinking of visiting family.

The truth is that life may take a turn from one day to another. Since no one can turn back time, make the most of it by sharing it with people you cherish.

95. Avoid making friendships or connections with toxic people

Have you ever hung out with someone and felt sad, miserable or mentally tired afterwards?

The main reason is that they draw energy from people around them through constant judgement, behavioural inconsistency, unsupported complaining and dispassion for life.

Maintain your vitality and upbeat behaviour by avoiding people (also known as 'energy vampires') that have adopted a toxic attitude.

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96. Do social activities together

Spending time with family and friends is one thing, but spending quality time with them is another.

Engage in social activities (see #84 to #86 for examples) that you will all enjoy and take this opportunity to come closer.

97. Talk to them about your life

Now, if you sometimes behave as I do, you may be around people you trust and cherish but not talk much. I know, we all have our moments.

Try talking to them about your job, your personal life, your worries and things you are passionate about. Let them in by opening up to them and you shall be rewarded with feelings of joy, lightness and strong relationships.

98. Ask for advice

Asking for help is difficult; especially when we let our ego get in the way. Have in mind though that we are all human beings troubled by similar issues.

Some have been privileged to gain wisdom and practical knowledge throughout a series of personal experiences. So, if you feel you are put against a mental wall, ask for advice.

99. Pick up the phone and call them

Girl callOkay, for some reason, #94 may be difficult to do (maybe you are a resident of a different country). But there is a solution to it.
Pick up the phone and call your loved ones on a regular basis. Nowadays, physical distance can be easily dealt with through the use of technology.

100. Be there when they need you

Do you feel your friends or family support you mentally? Why not do the same when they most need you?

Put work or unimportant tasks aside and provide comfort and advice to a wounded heart.

101. Ask for forgiveness

No one is perfect; we shall all make mistakes at some point in life. These unintentional blunders however may hurt someone close to us.

Avoid letting pride or even shame, be the barrier between you and the people dearest to you. Don’t wait for days, months or years to talk to them again.

Ask for forgiveness through sincere apology and turn to a new chapter of trust and reliant communication.

Takeaway Message

Regardless of the nature of your day-to-day responsibilities, there are several reasons you can benefit from an increased focus on your health, joy and happiness.

These healthy fitness tips are a vital component in staying mentally and physically strong, boosting your productivity and motivation, having fun with friends and family, and ultimately improving your overall well-being.

So what ideas are you using as part of your healthy lifestyle? If we’ve missed a great idea let us know in the comments below.

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