7 Ways To Find Direction In Life

How many times have you asked yourself “what am I doing in life”, “what should I do next”, “which direction to follow”?

These are questions that come to us involuntarily and finding the answer is a difficult task to achieve. 

The answer may actually be different for everyone, but the path to rediscovering ourselves is the same.That is by taking the right steps.

Let's see 7 ways that can help you find direction in life:

7 WaysTo Find Direction In Life

1. Avoid Over-Thinking

Even though thinking about life decisions is essential or even vital, over thinking may result to paralysis self-doubt and eventually inaction.

“We are dying from over thinking. We are slowly killing ourselves by thinking about everything. Think. Think. Think. You can never trust the human mind anyway. It's a death trap.”
- Antony Hopkins

2. Time to Take Action

Finding the right direction will not happen over night. At some point, you will simply need to follow your instinct and take action.

The main reason for people not acting is fear. The fear of ‘what if things don’t work out?’ or ‘if they do, will I be able to handle it?’.

Remember all worries, fears and troubles lie within ourselves. We are all facing them on a daily basis. Time to do something about it.

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.”
- Mahatma Gandhi

3. Follow Your Instincts

As mentioned above, sometimes you need to trust your instincts. That is not always the case, but when there is nothing else to help you, instincts are the inner power that comes naturally to provide you with an answer.

In case they turn out to be wrong, don’t despair, you learned something new. Reflect upon the experience and use it in the future.

“Instinct is a marvelous thing. It can neither be explained nor ignored.”
- Agatha Christie

4. Identify What Makes You Happy

This is probably the most difficult one, but the most rewarding. Think back on your life experiences and identify what made you happy the most.

Was it project engagement, personal relationships, organizing events? It could be anything.

That will essentially tell you where you should be heading to while being happy ;).

“The fact is always obvious much too late, but the most singular difference between happiness and joy is that happiness is a solid and joy a liquid.”
- J.D. Salinger

5. Recognize Your Strengths

Everyone has strengths, but sometimes it’s difficult to see them ourselves. Think of past experiences that you handled well; what was the contributing factor? What personal attribute of yours reached the surface?

If still unsure, ask friends and/or family to tell you what they think (in terms of strengths) about you. As a last resort, consider taking a Strengths Test; there are plenty out there.

“Life is very interesting... in the end, some of your greatest pains, become your greatest strengths.”
- Drew Barrymore

6. Don’t Forget Your Values

We all have core values that we follow and ‘abide’ by on a daily basis. Whatever path you choose in life, don’t go against your values. This will ultimately and unavoidably lead to depression, unhappiness and sorrow.

“Live your days on the positive side of life, in tune with your most treasured values. And in each moment you'll have much to live for.”
- Ralph Marston

7. Surround Yourself With Loved Ones

Finding the right path in life on your own is a difficult task to achieve, if achievable.

Everyone needs people to support them, mentors to show them the way, teachers to teach them right, wise individuals to guide them through life.

Identify yours and focus your energy in learning and developing from them. A gift to everyone’s knowledge and future are other people who have gone through the same path and are willing to show you the missteps.

“Surround yourself with people who provide you with support and love and remember to give back as much as you can in return.”
- Karen Kain


To recap, here is the list of 7 different ways that can help you find direction in life:

  1. Avoid Over-Thinking
  2. Time To Take Action
  3. Follow Your Instincts
  4. Identify What Makes You Happy
  5. Recognize Your Strengths
  6. Don’t Forget Your Values
  7. Surround Yourself With Loved Ones

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