4 Quick Ways To Never Give Up On Your Goals

It may have happened to all of us. We tend to set different personal or career goals in life and in the beginning we are energised and motivated to achieve them. In the long run though, our motivation may fade away and we go back to our original state because we feel discouraged.

Giving up is quite common among many individuals and will most certainly happen from time to time. However, there are a few quick ways where we can keep our enthusiasm and energy levels going during the journey.

“Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine”
– Jack Ma

They key point to achieving your goals is to always focus on applying the below tips and be aware of any missteps that may derail you from the realization of your dreams.

Here are 4 easy and quick tips to keep yourself away from giving up on your goals.

4 Simple Ways to stay locked on Your Dreams

1. Ask for the support of colleagues, friends and family

Colleagues, mentors and loved ones can prove to be an excellent source of mental and even practical support. The simple act of sharing your goals and vision with people you trust will help you when feeling unmotivated or ready to give up.

They will be able to encourage you to pursue your dream, provide practical advice and even open your mind to new perspectives and approaches.

At the same time, sharing your goals will also create a sense of accountability. It is in our nature to want to look good towards the people we value, and another reason to keep us focused on the end result. The thought of disappointing them or breaking your commitment will keep you from giving up.

So if you want to achieve something in life, share it with others and ask for their help.

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2. Treat yourself after a big milestone

Positive reward is one of the success factors that can help us remember why we are working on something. It’s true; we all like to treat ourselves every now and then, and this is even more apparent when facing difficult challenges.

Knowing that you will receive something nice after you successfully complete a goal or big milestone will help you stay motivated during difficult times.

The reward or treatment itself doesn’t necessarily need to be something complicated or extravagant. It should have the same effect as long as it makes you happy and proud of your achievement. From having a nice healthy cake and buying something you long dreamed of, to going for a short holiday with your friends, the options are vast.

The important thing to remember is that you only treat yourself after you completed a big objective. The reward is essentially a strategy to maintain your focus and help you get through different mental hardships.

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3. Always remember that you are stronger than you think

We are all strong with great potential. The difference between top achievers and others is that they never gave up- they remained mentally strong. When things get tough, remember that you have the power to get through any kind of challenge you may face along the way.

Put your efforts on visualising the achievement of your goals, and always believe in yourself.

Make sure to trust in your skills and abilities and apply them when things turn bad. Your objectives were your creation. In other words, when you first set them you truly believed you had the potential to make them a reality. That potential never changed; it’s still there waiting to be unleashed.

So, commit yourself and have faith that regardless of the difficulties you may face there is always a way around them.

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4. Avoid comparing yourself to others

We sometimes tend to compare our progression and success to that of others. Someone would argue it’s almost unavoidable. However, that kind of achievement we try to compare ours against has been achieved through hard work, commitment and many struggles.

When you see someone that has attained a similar level of success you are dreaming of, avoid comparing yourself. Instead, try to understand and reverse engineer the steps that may have taken, and challenges they may have faced to get to that point.

If possible, try to even ask for their advice or mentorship. Let them be the inspiration you need to make your dreams a reality and never give up!

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Take Away Message

Don't allow imaginary obstacles hold you back from attaining success in life. Your daily thoughts and actions will determine your future - put your will and determination into practice and see your dreams come true for yourself.

Follow the above quick tips to become the person you always aspired of. No matter how much time it takes, remember that the results solely depend on your efforts.

To recap, these are the 4 quick ways you can follow to achieve your goals:

  1. Ask for the support of colleagues, friends and family
  2. Treat yourself after a big milestone
  3. Always remember that you are stronger than you think
  4. Avoid comparing yourself to others

Did you like the above tips? Let us know of what helps you stay focused on your goals by adding your comment below.

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