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Our Service Quality

We pride ourselves in the quality of our product, delivery and customer service. Over time we have developed great relationships with many of our customers and earned 5-Star Rating.

We regard every single individual extremely highly and we always stay in close contact. We strive in knowing what our customers, new or old, need and hope to continue improving these great relationships.

"Perfect for my workout sessions...My concentration and motivation levels have sky-rocketed."

Johan S. Brown - Professional Rower

“BrainSharp improves my mental performance and concentration."

Maria Kountouri - Financial Analyst

"My focus and memory have never been confident about my exams."

Jill Sephard - Senior College Student

"Great product and great customer service. Recommnended!

Jack Phin - IT Business Consulant

Our Guarantee

BrainSharp is our attempt at being the undisputed #1 nootropic company in the market. We spent months working with the best FDA approved laboratories in the United Kingdom to formulate a 100% natural supplement with EVERY ingredient your brain needs to perform at its most elite level. 

We are so confident that you will be coming back for more once you try it that we are giving up to 50% OFF when you buy 3 or more! 

BrainSharp is an absolute essential for college students, entrepreneurs, and anyone craving to nourish the most important organ in their body to achieve and DO MORE!

ALL of our ingredients and products are stimulant free, which means you get all the mental energy without the jitters or spikes other stimulants can cause. 

12 Premium-Quality Natural Ingredients

  • gingko biloba

    Gingko Biloba

    Ginkgo Biloba has been used as a herbal remedy in Chinese medicine since ancient years. It can deliver great effects in improving mood levels and reducing stress. It has also been linked to boosting energy, cognitive speed and clarity of thought.

  • Acerola


    Acerola comes from a tropical fruit rich in thiamine, vitamin C, vitamin A, riboflavin and niacin.It has been used as natural medicine as it can promote healthy neurotransmitter activity throughout the human nervous system and brain. The ideal ingredient for a healthy mind and body.

  • maca root

    Maca Root

    Maca root is a vegetable grown in very high altitudes and harsh conditions. It's a great antioxidant for the body and has been shown to improve mental and physical performance. An incredible ingredient that can promote positive feelings, optimal cognition and everlasting vitality.

  • green coffee

    Green Coffee Beans

    Green coffee beans can play an important role in improving nerve and brain functions that relate to focus and concentration. It is also known for maintaining healthy skin and proper blood circulation. Astonishing results that can help you remain healthy and energized throughout the day.



    Acetyl-L-Carnitine is a natural brain booster that is known to improve cognition, concentration and mood levels. Studies have also shown that ALCAR is a powerful antioxidant and is able to improve the rate at which the body burns fat during exercise. A necessary ingredient to healthy brain function and positive feelings.

  • Guarana


    Guarana, also known as Paullinia Cupana, grows along the Amazon and was once thought to be a gift from the gods by native Brazilians. Its seed can safely improve cognition and fight against mental fatigue. The scientific community has also revealed its benefits in aiding with weight loss.

  • kelp


    Ascophyllum Nodosum, or also known as Kelp, is a naturally occurring mineral found in brown seaweeds. It can deliver many benefits to our body and well-being. Kelp protects our body against harmful toxins and helps improve our immune system. The perfect protection against harmful radicals.

  • L Theanine


    L-Theanine is natural amino acid found in tea leaves. It's best known for abilities to improve mood levels and sleep quality while protecting our brain. It’s been exhaustively studied by the medical community and noted for its powerful calming effect - while improving alertness.

  • Green tea extract

    Green tea extract

    Green tea extract is a vitamin compound that increases the release of neurotransmitters in the brain. A great antioxidant booster for the body, it can improve mental energy and working memory.A remarkable ingredient for maintaining mental agility and healthy cognition.

  • Vitamin B6

    Vitamin B6

    Vitamin B6 is key for multiple physical and psychological functions. Among many others, it's mostly known for improving working memory and learning capabilities while storing energy. It can also however improve metabolism, promote positive feelings and maintain a healthy immune system.

  • Vitamin B12

    Vitamin B12

    Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin that increases mental energy while boosting cognition and long term memory. It promotes the healthy regulation of the nervous system by producing glucose from carbohydrates. It can also reduce depression and stress making it the ideal ingredient.

  • l tyrosine


    L-Tyrosine is a natural amino acid that plays a key role in sending signals throughout the body. Our body uses tyrosine to make different chemical messengers that are responsible for our brain health. L-Tyrosine can improve energy, focus, memory and mental agility - among others.

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